Join us for an exciting AI Week in Brussels!

AI Week is changing format and goes virtual!

To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, DigitYser is promoting social distancing and adopting a responsible approach to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

For this reason, all the AI Week events above 20 people will be held virtually via webcasting, podcasting and webinars.

Additionally, if your company has similar challenges, we offer our facilities and expertise in organising virtual events, meetings and trainings.

As soon as new health guidelines arrive from the Belgian Government, we will comply with it and update our event policy.

We hope that you will appreciate our initiative and help us to promote this new format together!

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AI Discovery Lab

You will learn how efficient AI solutions will help you to reduce the cost, save time and money, optimize your customer journey and create better customer satisfaction.

AI Optimized Hardware

Predictive Analytics in Transportation – Reducing the ecological footprint of the Airline Industry

Building an AI tool that can provide a prediction for the meals bought on board for each flight independently and each ‘fresh’ product depending on destination, flight period, the time of the day, the number of passengers, … – this based on real data from a major airline company
Aim is :
– Reduce Food Waste
– Fuel economy
– Increase customer satisfaction
– Cargo benefits
=> Commercial, economic, social and ecological benefits

Attending Businesses & Startup's